Practical pre-COP12 Information for participants

Dates, venue, theme, eligibility to participate

The 12th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (COP12) will be held in Punta del Este at the Conrad Resort, Uruguay, from 1 – 9 June 2015with the 49th meeting of the Standing Committee planned for the 1 June 2015, and an additional day of regional meetings on 2 June 2015.

Ramsar Contracting Parties, or member states, will gather to assess the progress of the Convention and the sustainable use of wetlands to date, share knowledge and experience on technical issues, and plan their own and the Secretariat’s work for the next triennium.

The slogan for the conference is “Wetlands for our future”.

Eligibility to participate
In addition to official delegations from the Contracting Parties, eligibility to participate in the COP as observers is extended to delegations from the governments of non-Party states and to representatives of intergovernmental organizations, of recognized non-governmental organizations that are working in the field of wetland conservation and sustainable use, and of government agencies that are not part of their country’s official delegation.


All participants  wanting to attend the COP12 in Uruguay, from the 1 to the 9 of June 2015, must preregister through the online process managed by the Ramsar Secretariat:

Side events and exhibitions 
Ramsar COP12 will provide the opportunity for participants to hold a number of side events on global and regional themes relevant to the Convention and the COP issues. At the end of January 2015 the Ramsar Secretariat will make through the web site and forum the call for side events proposals and request for exhibitions.


Jetmar is the official travel agency of Ramsar COP12 and offers different options of accommodation including Conrad Hotel venue of the COP as well as five, four, three and two-star hotels, within a reasonable distance of the conference centre.

All reservations have to be made by email to The information of each hotel will be published early in January 2015 in Ramsar web site and in the host country web site.

Uruguay will provide a reception service from Montevideo and Punta del Este to the officials COP12 hotels and shall facilitate the transfer of Participants to and from their hotels, charged at cost. Click here for more information.

During COP12 Uruguay will provide a transport service between the main hotels and the conference centre in the morning and evenings and free of charge. The schedule of such a service will bepublished online by Pre-COP Day 3, and displayed in the foyers of the conference centre andthe main hotels.

Information about Uruguay
The Eastern Republic of Uruguay host of COP12 is located in the South American cone. It borders with Brazil to the north and northeast, with Argentina to the west and with the La Plata River and the Atlantic Ocean to the south and the southeast respectively. Uruguay has a surface area of 176,215 Km2 and a population of 3,300,000. There is a high level of literacy which reaches 97% of the population.

With a mild and generally uniform climate, Uruguay’s main production is based on agriculture and livestock. The country is located in one of the world’s most extensive regions for cattle and sheep, which includes Uruguay’s large neighbouring countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile.

The Uruguayan society is cosmopolitan as a result of various successive European migrations. It is an open society, with a democratic government elected by free elections every 5 years, and promotes tolerance of religion or political ideologies and non-discrimination. Click here for more information.