Each delegate should consult the website of the Migration Authority of Uruguay (Dirección Nacional de Migración) in order to find out which nationalities and passport types require entry visa to Uruguay:

Also, they should consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay to find out whether there is a Consulate in its country of residence

Those delegates that require entry visa to Uruguay should forward their request well in advance at the Uruguayan Consulate closer to their place of residence (visa requests may be forwarded before any Uruguayan Consulate in the world).

The visa application should be forwarded together with a letter from Ramsar Secretariat acknowledging the invitation/participation to the event.

The Consular Affairs Office (Dirección General de Asuntos Consulares y Vinculación) has already advised all Uruguayan Consular Offices in the world about the event that will take place in Uruguay in order to ease the procedures to enable participation to COP12 of RAMSAR.

Taking into consideration that visas cannot be issued upon arrival according to regulations currently in force, when a visa is required but there is no Consular Office in the delegate’s country of residence, exceptionally and only for the sake of this event the following procedure will be followed:

  • Once the delegate is duly pre-registered by Ramsar Secretariat, the Secretariat will send to the Migration Authority of Uruguay (Dirección Nacional de Migración) the following information: nationality, names, type and number of valid Passport.
  • This information will allow the Migration Authority (Dirección Nacional de Migración) to issue an entry permit without Visa. Well in advance of the trip, the delegate will be sent directly this permit together with an accompanying explanatory letter with his information in English duly stamped and signed. Since delegates will not have a stamped visa on their passports they must show this official letter at the airline counter in order to be allowed to board the plane.
  • Deadline: due to time constrains visa applications will be received only until May 10th


We repeat that this special procedure will be applied exclusively for the instance that there is no Consular Office at country of residence of delegate.

For the information of delegates, we remind you that the Ministry of Health of Uruguay has issued a sworn statement form regarding health risk, to be signed and handed in upon entering the country.

The corresponding form is attached.