Tours Regulares

Punta del Este City Tour

punta-del-esteIncludes a tour of the largest resort in the region visiting the main avenues, the Yacht Harbor, The Corner of the 4 Seas, the Candelaria Church and the Lighthouse. Also visit the emblematic sculpture “The Fingers” located in Brava Beach.

After touring the coast of Brava Beach and visit the most magnificent areas of Punta del Este and San Rafael, Beverly Hills and The Golf neighborhood we will arrive at “La Barra de Maldonado” crossing an undulating bridge.

Then we visit the Pinares neighborhood and Mansa beaches up to Punta Ballena where you can see one of the best views of Punta del Este.

fotocastleYou will have  there 30 minutes to visit Casapueblo. This cultural center is located on the cliffs overlooking the sea, founded by the famous Uruguayan artist Carlos Paéz Vilaro, it has become a place of unavoidable attraction for everyone visiting Uruguay.



Casapueblo entrance fee not included.

Duration: 4 hr. aprox.
Departure time: 02 PM
Cost per person USD 26


Montevideo City Tour (full day)

teatroWe will leave Punta del Este in the morning and will visit the main attractions of Montevideo, Uruguayan capital city.

You will get a chance to see the Old City with its rich architecture, the Port Market, the Business District, Independence Square and the Parliament House. Then we will visit the romantic district known as “Prado”, its green parks and beautiful monuments.

casasAfterwards, you will have free time to have lunch at the “Port Market”, one of the best gastronomic and cultural places of Montevideo. You will find a many restaurants offering a variety of meats and Uruguayan wines.


The tour continues visiting the elegant residential neighborhood of Carrasco, Punta Gorda and Pocitos, strolling along the exceptional “Rambla” or boardwalk that accompanies a panoramic line of gorgeous beaches.




Lunch ticket not included

Duration: 10 hr. aprox.
Departure time: 8:00 AM
Cost per person USD 65
Minimum 8 pax. to operate


Montevideo  City Tour visiting Bouza Winery (full day)

bouzaWe will depart Punta del Este in the morning to visit Bouza Winery where we will tour the vineyard, winery and cellar. Covered by organic gardens and orchard bordering the creek Melilla. Then we will visit the classic cars museum , Private Collection Bouza family.




After this tour, we will enjoy wine tasting including 4 types of wine midline accompanied by local cheeses, selection of meats and freshly baked breads.






Returning to downtown we will go through Independence Square, Palacio Salvo, The Gate of the Citadel, the Sarandi Pedestrian walk and Montevideo Cathedral. Then we will have time for lunch at the emblematic Mercado del Puerto when you could taste typical Uruguayan meats and wines (lunch not included).

Then we will take 18th July Avenue (the main commercial avenue of the capital city).   We will visit the Parliament House, the Allied’s Park and Centenario Soccer Stadium. We will also visit one of the major shopping centers in the city. We will leave Montevideo through the coast through residential neighborhoods called Punta Gorda and Carrasco.

Duration: 10 hr. aprox.
Departure time: 8:00 AM
Cost per person USD 125
Minimum 8 pax to operate


Full Day Atlantic Coast (La Paloma, La Pedrera and Cabo Polonio)

We will depart Punta del Este through “Barra de Maldonado” and Manantiales following Route 104 and National Highway No. 9. When arriving in Cabo Polonio, we will leave the bus and take special vehicles to go through the dunes and arrive to this original and unique place.

amarilloCabo Polonio is a beach resort in the department of Rocha, 130 km from Punta del Este on the Atlantic Ocean with huge dunes, sea lions, a lighthouse, crafts, holiday barges and fishing.






We will return to “Punta del Este” visiting La Pedrera and La Paloma (another seaside resort of the Atlantic coast). Here we will have free time for lunch.





Lunch not included

Duration: 10 hr. aprox.
Departure time: 8:00 AM
Cost per person USD 85
Minimum 8 pax to operate


José Ignacio and Pueblo Garzón Tour

We will depart Punta del Este through “Barra de Maldonado” and tour La Barra and Manantiales before reaching José Ignacio.

aireJosé Ignacio is a fishing village that owes its name to a local villager who lived in the area in the times of the Spanish conquest. The Lighthouse, symbol of the area, carries the same name and was built in 1877 on the farthest and rockiest point of the peninsula. Its height is 32.5 metres, its geographic reach 16.5 miles, and lighting reaching 9 miles.





paredContinuing with the tour we will arrive to Pueblo Garzon and on the way we will visit an Olive Oil Processing Plant (tasting included)










Lunch not included

Duration: 6 hr. aprox.
Departure time: 8:00 AM
Cost per person
USD 130
Minimum 10 pax to operate


Pirápolis City Tour


Just 40 km from “Punta del Este”, Piriápolis is a typically European Resort that will make us feel at the Mediterranean coast.

ramblaPiriápolis has 20 km of coastline, embraced by hills that frame the city. Enriched by its mysticism, this destination invites you to explore, feel and live it. Piriápolis is a destination for lovers of nature, history and treasures surrounding alchemy.



Tour the boardwalk, the imposing Argentino Hotel Casino, Cerro San Antonio to drop for photos and wonderful sights.

You will get to visit the Piria Castle, a monumental building that was built in order to serve as the private residence to Francisco Piria, famous for creating the spa called Piriápolis.




Then tour the Sugar Loaf Mountain with its fauna reserve in semi captivity.





Duration: 05 hr. aprox.
Departure time: 9:00 AM
Cost per person  
USD 40
Minimum 08 pax to operate


Olive route tour with typical lunch

plantaThe Olive Route is an unique and varied tour through the mountains of Maldonado.

Visit the 1st Windmill Farm built in Uruguay. The place is considered privileged and the park will serve to give a major boost to this type of energy in the country. Continuing the tour of the Sierra de los Caracoles and Sierras Carapé we will visit an old stone lime kiln built in the mid eighteenth century, which is in perfect condition and is the largest of its kind in the area.

jugoAs we move into the hills, we could see the olive groves at both sides of the road. There are young plantations but some stores already have the mill or oil for pressing the olives. We will visit a mill with an adviser who will explain us its operation. Maldonado has the highest concentration, with 500 has. planted, and on the Olive Route you could see a lot of them.

We will taste olive oils and we will learn on flavors and characteristics of different Uruguayan oils.

At midday we will stop for a typical Uruguayan barbecue lunch in an unique atmosphere. We will have the opportunity to watch birds unique to our country between the months of September and March, as are the Churrinche and Earwig, as well as others such as the Golden Plover, the Viudita White Girl and the Carpenter.

We will return to Punta del Este along Route 12.

Duration: 06 hr.  aprox.
Departure time: 9:00 AM
Cost  per person  U$D 110
Minimum 10 pax to operate


Sea Tour: Visit to “Isla de Lobos” (Sea Lions Island)  (Transfer Hotel-Port-Hotel included)

focaOne of the main sea lions colonies in the world is concentrated on an island 40 minutes by boat from Punta del Este.

Stroll around the island with a detailed and interesting description of these animals, their organization and habits.

Currently the island has more than 180,000 sea lions. Sea Lions are mammals and differ from seals to possess greater hearing and walk on all four limbs transformed into wings.

The Sea Lions Island is a wildlife reserve. Tours depart from the port of Punta del Este and you will see hundreds of sea lions approaching vessels to browse and greet visitors; it is advisable to bring cameras since both at sea and on the rocks you can take unforgettable photos.

The tour will operate depending on sea and weather conditions.

Duration: 3 hr. aprox.
Departure time: 11:30 AM
Cost per person  USD 94
Minimum 12 pax to operate 


Sea Tour: Visit to “Isla Gorriti” (Transfer Hotel-Port- Hotel include)

aguaLocated opposite to the Peninsula, the Gorriti Island has an area of ​​21 hectares and is now a natural reserve declared of national heritage.


Since the beginning of the sixteenth century the island was a refuge for Spanish, English, Dutch and French pirates and navigators.

Today, most of the island is forested with maritime pines and palm trees. Roads and trails lead to beaches and the remains of the buildings of the colonial area.

On the western bay of the island is Playa Honda, meeting place of sailboats and yachts during the summer.

Commercial vessels arrive to Puerto Canyon in the east zone at “Playa Puerto Jardín” where there is a small restaurant. The island has sandy beaches and rocky coast with a beautiful view of Punta del Este. Barbecues at the island are free for visitors use. Visitors are allowed to spend the day and make barbecues in areas specially equipped for this purpose. You cannot stay overnight.

The tour will operate depending on sea weather conditions.

Duration: 3 hr. aprox.
Departure time: 09:30 AM
Rate per person   USD 82
Minimum 12 paxes to operate


Thematic tour: At the end of the Wetland

Visiting an establishment situated on the Wetland area.

During the visit you can see different naturals environments that allow you to feel a unique experience.

A walk through the different ecosystems will make you feel part of the place.


You could visit indigenous forests in its natural state and walk over vast brackish wetlands where we can see a great variety of free local fauna. You could visit the productive area with fruit production and sail boat through the canals of Santa Lucia.


  • Reception with a brief information about the establishment (Welcome snack: coffee, natural juices, cookies and jams made on the establishment)
  • Guided tour on Jeep
  • Lunch
  • Boat trip (máximum 10 people per trip)
  • Walking through productive area with technical guides talking about natural production and techniques to control the use of insecticides
  • Presentation of aquaculture Module
  • Time of recreation and relax on natural area

Duration: 10hr. aprox.
Departure: 08:30 am
Rate per person: USD 120
Minimum 8 pax to operate